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PS4 Spider-Man fans get a special present today that’ll make Toby Maguire proud

Fans of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man have a lot to be grateful for.

Without a doubt, the latest Spider-Man video game is the greatest ever made. It’s detailed, gorgeous, and robust enough to last a good amount of hours as you fight crime. And that’s not even counting the endless hours of swinging just for fun. Insomniac Games hasn’t missed a beat with the endless suits either unless you’re an original Sam Raimi Spider-Man fan. That’s because the first suit never popped up in the game.

Insomniac Games realizes the misstep and today is releasing the suit free to everyone in the game update!

Here’s the costume up close and personal in game:

It comes after months of fan frustration and anger over social media demanding the suit be put into the game. Why’d it take so long? Community Director James Stevenson had this to say:

It appears patience is something we’ll all be learning over the holiday break.


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