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A multitude of reasons why you should read ‘Multiple Man: It All Makes Sense in the End’

There are many reasons you should check out ‘Multiple Man’.

This summer, Multiple Man by Matthew Rosenberg debuted. Over the course of five issues, the series was a constant source of humor, action, time traveling, alternate realities, and overall general weirdness. The entire run was fantastic and by the end, it all made sense. Kinda. The issues have been collected in a trade paperback called Multiple Man: It All Makes Sense in the End. The story should be read for its great writing and wonderful art, but there are many other reasons you should check out Multiple Man.

It’s a better remedy for a long day than any alcoholic beverage

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How many times have you heard during the tail end of a hard day at work that “it’s five o’clock somewhere”. While it is true a nice cold beer can take the edge off of a difficult day at the office, the fact of the matter is that one drink may lead to another. Then another. Before you know it, you have wasted the whole night. Even worse, you have to go to bed and possibly wake up with a headache going into work the next day. And that’s not even to mention all those calories.

Multiple Man is a relaxing getaway from the insanity of normal life. You have a chance to sit down and a enjoy something and not worried about getting yelled at for missing a deadline. Best of all, reading it more than once won’t necessitate a breathalyzer.

Who doesn’t like a cross-time caper?

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Time travel has been a popular subject for fiction since the beginning of time itself. The problem is, it’s a double edged sword. There are a limitless amount of possibilities, but there is also the chance for all sorts of continuity errors. Multiple Man is a fun story that deals in time travel and is able to avoid all of these issues. Rosenberg accomplishes this by writing a succinct story that does not allow room for any error. Along with having a tight plot that everyone can enjoy, there are also some nice callbacks that will bring a smile to longtime fans’ faces.

Terrific pacing

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This ties in with the last point.  Not only does Multiple Man tell crisp story, it also does it at the perfect pace. It never wastes time with needless exposition or feels rushed. The story goes along at a nice pace from beginning to end. There is a lot going on in the story, but it also makes sure to keep everything on point. Keep in mind there is a lot going on in Multiple Man and it’s only a five issue miniseries. Rosenberg did an excellent job of making sure things did not seem to hectic in a relatively short amount of time.

Introduces cool new characters (kinda)

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There are a couple of caveats here. Due to the nature of the story, the vast majority of the characters do not get much time. Still, there is enough to get to know them. And even when readers do not get to much backstory to fill out their characters, the character designs by Andy MacDonald are very impressive. The second caveat is that all of the new characters are dupes. So, in a sense, Multiple Man features a cast of thousands that all play a very important role but in the end, only one person matters. If it sounds a little complicated it is because it is, but it all does make sense in the end.

Multiple Man: It All Makes Sense in the End
Is it good?
A conventional time travel story that spans dimensions and has a cast of thousands played mainly by one person.
Very creative
Laugh out loud funny
Filled with great art
Does not overstay its welcome
Well told, but it is a short series
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