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Movies to look forward to in January

The start of the new year brings some new movies of interest.

The holiday movie season is over. January is traditionally one of the slower movie months of the year. From the third part of M. Night Shyamalan’s “Eastrail 177” trilogy to a family friendly take on an Arthurian legend, there are a few interesting movies coming out, however.

January 4

Escape Room (Nationwide): Six strangers compete to get out of a series of escape rooms. They soon learn the traps are deadlier than they thought. The premise is not the most original, but these types of movie can be fun.

January 11

The Upside (Nationwide): If the idea of Kevin Hart being in a drama is not strange enough (it is classified as a comedy-drama, to be fair), then the poster showing him pushing a recently paralyzed Bryan Cranston in a wheelchair will cause double takes. Hart stars as the man hired to help quadriplegic billionaire Cranston in this remake of a French film.

A Dog’s Way Home (Nationwide): The trailer seems to give away the entire movie, but for those interested, the creatively titled movie is a about a dog trying to find their way home. Stars Ashley Judd, Edward James Olmos, and a cute dog.

Replicas (Nationwide): Science fiction movie starring Keanu Reeves and Thomas Middleditch. Reeves plays a scientist who attempts to bring his family back to life after a horrific car crash. Another movie with a familiar plot with promise.

January 18

Glass (Nationwide): Your interest in this movie will depend upon how much you care about Unbreakable and Split. The final part of the trilogy, Glass has been eagerly anticipated since the surprise ending to 2016’s Split.

January 25

Serenity (Nationwide): Starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, this modern noir was scheduled to be released twice in 2018 before being pushed to 2019. Story is about a man who is asked by his ex-wife to murder her new husband.

The Kid Who Would be King (Nationwide): A modern and family friendly retelling of the King Arthur story. A seemingly normal looking boy pulls a sword from a stone and confronts his destiny. Sir Patrick Stewart plays the wizard Merlin.


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