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Mojo plays Cupid with Gambit and Rogue in ‘Mr. and Mrs. X’ #7

You will not believe the recasting Mojo attempts.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

Mr. and Mrs. X has been a delightful series moving at a fast clip with plenty of twists and turns. Kelly Thompson and Oscar Baladua have given fans the Gambit and Rogue romance/marriage we deserve. They can barely catch their breath, but they sure as heck love each other. Or maybe not anymore after the big reveal in issue #7.

This week, Gambit and Rogue are at the mercy of TV mogul Mojo. In a twist to gain better ratings, Mojo “kills” Gambit and he’s unhappy with the dramatic results.


What to do? He does what any opportunistic producer would do when the main flame loses her lover: he recasts!

But who could fill Gambit’s shoes. Some might say a character who is very similar (throws objects, sexy hair, cool jacket) to Gambit. It’s none other than…

Ma chère! And it’s done with a fairy tale bluster.

You should seriously check out Mr. and Mrs. X #7 wherever comics are sold or via Amazon.


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