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Brian Bendis teases 10 stories for 2019

Bendis teases Legion, OMAC, Fourth World and more for DC Comics in 2019.


Brian Bendis recently teased ten upcoming DC stories which will see release in 2019 on his Instagram page.  It’s most likely he’s writing these and if he’s not writing some of them, they’ll likely come out under his Wonder Comics imprint, which will bring back Young Justice next week.

There’s also a possibility that, rather than some of these being brand-new comics, some, such as Legion of Super-Heroes, could become components of his Superman work, or in upcoming titles, like Young Justice. Batman Beyond, the future, teenage Batman, Legion of Super-Heroes and the Fourth World were just some of the teases dropped by Bendis.

Legion are superheroes from the 31st Century and tend to idolize Superman, having grown up hearing stories about him. Fourth World is New Gods, New Genesis, characters like Darkseid and tech like Mother Box or Boom Tube.

Action Comics #1006 is on sale now; be sure to read our review of it here.


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