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Stars from ‘Dark Phoenix’, ‘Jessica Jones’, and ‘Daredevil’ highlight Day 2 at Arizona Comic Con!

Plus, some guy named Tom Hiddleston made a surprise appearance.

Day one of the Ace Comic Con was a fun event for fans who attended. WWE Superstars Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch spoke to the crowd and posed for pictures while creators, vendors, and exhibitors filled the halls. It was an exciting start to what was shaping up to be an exciting weekend.

Day two delivered with stars from the upcoming Dark Phoenix and Jessica Jones and the recently concluded Daredevil all attendance. The main floor of the Gila River Arena was packed as fans listened to their favorites talk about the shows and movies fans have loved them in. From Michael Fassbender talking about how he prepares to play the Master of Magnetism to David Tennant and Krysten Ritter hugging fans to Charlie Cox trying to rapidly answer everyone’s questions even though his allotted time had run out, the day was certainly an eventful one. Plus, Tom Hiddleston appeared out of nowhere to announced Cox would be appearing in the English play Betrayal. Here are some pictures from day two of the Ace Comic Con.

Our coverage of the Ace Comic Con will conclude tomorrow.


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