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Tom King and Third Eye Comics offering free comics to government workers affected by shutdown

The DC writer has more than enough free copies to give, and he’s found a good cause to give to.

As the United States federal government shutdown enters its 25th day, Tom King (Batman, Vision, Mister Miracle) and Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, Maryland have announced that they’ll be bringing a little fun to de-funded government workers’ lives in the form of free comics at an event at the comic store on Saturday, January 19.

Noting that he worked for the government for nine years, and understands the difficulties of working paycheck-to-paycheck, King tweeted out a message of support to federal employees as well as a picture of the absolutely massive stack of DC comp trades he’ll be bringing along:

Third Eye shared more information about the event on their site, noting that they’re also pitching in trades and single issues from their back catalog, and that federal employees are welcome to a free copy with a government ID. All visitors to the store on the day of will be welcome to a signature (or King exclusive sketch cover – see the header image here!) regardless of government ID.


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