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Brian Michael Bendis teases a ‘monumental’ Leviathan story

They’re set to appear in upcoming Action Comics issues.

The future’s just getting started. This is especially apparent here, as Brian MichaelBendis has teased upcoming work in the newsletter section for this week’s Cover #5.

Under the section titled ‘Scarlet’ on Bendis’s modern US revolution comic, the writer reveals he and Scarlet artist Alex Maleev will not only be working together on Detective Comics #1000 for one of its stories, but they’ll also be bringing us Leviathan. “It’s something so big, so monumental to the DC Universe, it’s worth pausing our numerous creator-owned stuff for,” according to Bendis.

He went on to say that this “special event story lets Alex do everything he’s ever wanted to do at DC.” Leviathan was created by Grant Morrison, first appearing in Batman: The Return #1 in January 2011. They’re a group led by Talia Al Ghul and formed from a split in the League of Assassins. The group’s set to reappear under Bendis in Action Comics in the next few months.

The writer also said we’ll “soon hear a lot about it.” I’d recommend you keep your eyes on Action for the next while, as it will likely set up Leviathan.


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