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Rumor: Live action Resident Evil series in the works at Netflix

The much maligned adaption series might get a new start at Netflix.

Deadline is reporting that a scripted, live action, Resident Evil series may be in the works at Netflix. Set to be a global original series, with production spanning between the German production company Constanin Film, which owns and produced the six previous live action Resident Evil films directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, as well as other national Netflix affiliates.

This may factor well into the recently announced “reboot” plan announced by Constanin for the franchise, which has as recently as last month hired Johannes Roberts (The Strangers: Prey at Night) to write and direct a reboot film or television series produced by James Wan.

The film series has had an…uh…interesting history up to now. Credit: Constanin Film

It’s an interesting pivot for Netflix, who have found recent success and acclaim in exclusively animated video game adaptations like Castlevania as well as the upcoming Devil May Cry from showrunner and executive producer Adi Shankar. Time will tell if audiences are ready to accept R.E. back into their hearts this soon after some widely maligned adaptations (although, notably, the animated films did fare better) but the massive success of Resident Evil 7 as well as the early buzz for the Resident Evil 2 remake does make it apparent that the franchise isn’t apt to go anywhere either way.


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