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Unnatural #7 review: Action-packed and emotional

‘Unnatural’ has always been a story that has worn its emotions on its sleeve.

Mirka Andolfo and Mirka Andolfo
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Unnatural from Image Comics has always been a story that has worn its emotions on its sleeve. Now in its second half, the story has become more action-packed. Leslie is constantly on the run or in hiding. The blue-haired protagonist never has a chance to rest. Still, the book remains an emotional one at its core. This is more evident than ever in issue #7.

Unnatural has been about finding love, the importance of friendship, and how difficult it can be to trust. There has always been danger and uncertainty, but the book has always been about the things that make us feel better. Make no mistake about it — the world of Unnatural is one filled with hate and prejudice, but it is one we have only seen occasionally.

Issue #7 gives readers a deeper look at how awful the world is. In previous issues this has been seen through the occasional flashback or side conversation. Unnatural’s world is obviously filled hostility and is a dangerous place to reside, but the story has also been focused on Leslie. Readers have seen little of how the side characters have been affected.

There are multiple times in issue #7 where Leslie deals with the prejudice head on. Mirka Andolfo has done such a great job of writing that even though readers are aware the world is a troubled one, the main concern lies with the characters. Leslie had a confrontation that brings the ugliness of Unnatural to the forefront.  When the blue-haired pig has this encounter, it’s a shock since it has never been shown to this degree. This builds more sympathy for the characters and is a great dramatic effect.

Andolfo also still deals with issues of trust, but issue #7 does some things a little differently. Leslie is still trying to find her way and is having to deal with new “friends”. This is not just difficult for her and we see other characters make major decisions. It is great to see that Leslie is not the only character being forced to make difficult decisions in trying times.

The art in Unnatural #7 is fantastic. Usually, the great character designs are the highlight of each issue. As the series races towards its finale, differing emotions are being seen. As the action in the story has increased, so have the range of emotions. There have already been moments of happiness, fear, and even lust. Andolfo is now showing more varied and complex feelings.

Readers have already seen moments of concern and sadness, but now these are being mixed with a feeling of almost hopelessness. It gives the comic a tone of resigned defeat that adds to the tension. This is a stark turnaround for the hope and color of the early issues. These are arguably Andolfo’s greatest moments as she is bringing added realism to her characters.

Unnatural has been a consistently good comic since its release. The book has been filled with action and emotional while touching on real world concerns. It also continues to tell a great story that readers will enjoy.

Unnatural #7
Is it good?
Possibly the most action packed and emotional issues of the run. Great art and character development.
The art and character development has progressed with the story
Engaging characters and story
Some convenient plot developments (a necklace that short circuits technology?)
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