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Rob Liefeld’s ‘Shrink!’ is being developed into a movie

‘A high-concept twist on Analyze This.’

Many more stories spin out of the pages of comic books than you might expect. This is exemplified by Shrink!, as Deadline reports that a film is on the way based on Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld’s webcomic.

Shrink! tells the tale of superhero-turned-psychiatrist Jessica Powers, who has superhero clients. It’ll be produced by Peter Rabbit’s Doug Belgrad, Donnie Darko’s Adam Fields and Liefeld himself.

Shrink has been described as “a high-concept twist on Analyze This,” using the same kind of R-rated, wisecracking comedy-action mix as the Deadpool films.

Shrink! initially came to Sony in the year 2000, with a script written by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (Smallfoot, Focus, Bad Santa), but the rights to use the comic book’s story had lapsed. The current incarnation is set to be produced by Belgrad’s production company, 2.0.

There is no release date as of yet.


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