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Final Fantasy IX is out on the Switch today

The classic JRPG is available today, VII and Chocobo Mystery Dungeon due in March.

Although VII was teased in a trailer more recently, Final Fantasy IX is beating Cloud, Sepiroth and all that angst to the Nintendo Switch with a surprise release today.

Available in the Nintendo eShop now for $20.99, the classic RPG starring fan favorite Vivi, Reinhardt, and Zidane’s release date was announced during today’s Nintendo Direct, which also teased VII and Chocobo Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY!  (both due out in March), as well as a Link’s Awakening remake and more.

We know X, X-2, and XII are slated for release on the console as well, but no hard dates for those just yet.

What did you think about the Direct? Are you itching to re-connect with the best Black Mage in all the land right away as much as I am? Are you feeling a little let down that VIII isn’t coming even though its 20th anniversary is this week? Let us know in the comments!


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