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Fallout series 1 Army Builder Figure Collection – boxed volume 3 & 4 review

We review Toynk’s Fallout Nanoforce Series 1 Army Builder Figure Collection -Boxed Volume 3 & 4.

Because I can’t get enough of the Fallout Nanoforce Series 1 Army Builder Figures,our friends at Toynk has sent me the boxed volumes 3 and 4 for me to review. Spoiler alert! They are still pretty damn cool!


So these are the same boxes that I reviewed last month: Fallout Nanoseries 1 Army Builder Figure Collection volume 1 and 2. In each of the boxes, you receive 12, 2″ scale figures: 2 Vault Boys, 2 Allies, 2 Enemies, 2 Artifacts, 4 mystery figures, and 1 bonus 4″ scale figure.

My opinions haven’t wavered my first review. These little guys are still pretty cool! The figures are solid plastic, aren’t flimsy and have decent weight. You aren’t going to risk breaking these guys unless you accidentally step on them or force them to break.

Standing in at only 2 inches tall, the details are incredible. The Allies are still my favorites with Nick Valentine, one of the mystery figures from volume 4 catching my eye this time around. Unlike your basic army men figures; the bases attached to these guys are sturdy and will not fall over due to an imbalance between figures and base. The bonus 4″ figures are an incredible feature with these boxes. Each volume comes with its own respective 4″ figure. Volume 3 has the Deathclaw and volume 4 has the Super Mutant Behemoth. Also included inside the boxes is a fold out display that has each of the characters names typed on the paper so you can place them in their respective spots.

I am still a fan of these figures. It would have been nice if the fold out display wasn’t paper, but I knew what to expect when I opened these two boxes.. I actually went out and got one of the papers laminated. Believe me, it is worth it! If you want to invest in the Nanoforce collection, these volumes are the way to go. There are plastic bags, but I got duplicates with those. Unless you need dups or a certain figure gets lost or broken, I would purchase the boxed volumes. Plus you can’t go wrong with the 4″ bonus figure!

Visit to get your Nanoforce Army Builders! Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4

Volume 3: 4- Inch Deathclaw


Volume 3: Deathclaw (again), Bottlecap Mine, and Male Survivor


Volume 3: Ghoul A, Ghoul B, and “Thumbs Up”

Volume 3 – Lorenzo’s Artifact Finder and T-51B Helmet

Volume 3, from top to bottom: Female Survivor, “Night Person”, Assaultron, “Life Giver”, and Hancock

Volume 4: “Ninja”, 4-inch Super Mutant Behemoth, and Nick Valentine

Volume 4: Cait, X6-88, and Alien

Volume 4: Synth Trooper, “V.A.N.S.”, and T-51 Power Armor

Volume 4: “Rifleman”, Alien Blaster, Fusion Core, and Bottlecap Mine

Overhead shot of the layout that comes with each volume. I would have added all my other figures, but they are on my desk at work!

Play nice!

Fallout series 1 Army Builder Figure Collection - boxed volume 3 & 4
Is it good?
Cool little army men for the Fallout fan in your life!
Characters have great detailing
The 4-inch figure included in each volume is a nice addition
Quality build. These guys will hold up in war!
Good assortment of figures
Same as my last review: paper display map. Just laminate it and you're good.

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