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Monte Cook Games is bringing Numenera to Dungeons and Dragons

Monte Cook’s critically and commercially successful setting is headed to the most popular roleplaying game around.

Monte Cook Games, the publisher of roleplaying games and systems such as The Cypher SystemThe Strange, and Numenera has announced that they are bringing The Ninth World — the setting for their Numenera series — to Dungeons and Dragons’ fifth edition with a new book titled Arcana of the Ancients.

Promising a “hefty, hardcover book will be filled with creatures, devices, character abilities, technologies, tips, advice, and adventure. All fully compatible with 5E,” the publisher’s announcement goes into full detail about the book, its anticipated release date in early 2020, and an upcoming Kickstarter campaign to start in March.

The Numenera corebook

While Numenera is successful, having sold over 80,000 copies of its core books as of 2018, Dungeons and Dragons is an entirely different beast and this is a shrewd move for Monte Cook. Especially as sites and content creators such as Geek and Sundry’s Critical Role and Relics and Rarities, and the McElroy’s The Adventure Zone have experienced massive booms in popularity in the past few years due to their use of Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition – largely seen as the most accessible edition yet.

Fans of D&D who have not yet experienced the high science-fantasy of The Ninth World can get a jump start by checking out InXile Entertainment’s excellent Torment: Tides of Numenera, or wait to see if Monte Cook puts out an introductory adventure or kit for Free RPG Day, which will be on Saturday, June 15.


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