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Rumor: R-rated Alien: Isolation animated series in the works

An adaptation of the popular Alien video game could be on the way to the small screen. is reporting that an animated R-rated adaptation of Alien: Isolation, the commercially and critically successful video game from Creative Assembly and Sega, is in the works from Axis Animation. Axis, who handled the game’s visual effects, may be set to bring the series directly to the Alien website, and word is that the property will launch with an initial seven episode miniseries.

Axis Animation, who frequently develop video game visuals, are reported to take the lead on the series.

This is a fortuitous time for the series to be in the works, as Sega recently released a mobile follow up to IsolationAlien: Blackouton January 24. Additionally, Dark Horse continues to release comic book series which feature Amanda Ripley, Isolation‘s protagonist, written by Bryan Wood. This is also in addition to other rumored Alien projects which include film sequels Ridley Scott is involved in, as well as another television series – all with less tangible details.

There’s no word on how Disney’s impending purchase and total assumption of Fox’s properties, including Alien, could effect development, however.


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