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Jay and Silent Bob strike back again

My love for you is like a rock, Berserker!

Few directors were more beloved in the mid 1990s than Kevin Smith. Released in 1994, Clerks helped bring about a renewed interest in independent films. Its realistic characters and situations struck a chord with audiences and made Smith a sensation. Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma continued to add to Smith’s popularity.

The most well known and arguably popular characters in the View Askewniverse are Jay and Silent Bob. Jay is loud and obnoxious while Silent Bob lives up to his name, though he has been known to drop occasional nuggets of deep wisdom.

The duo and lifelong friends have appeared in many of Smith’s films together and have even garnered enough popularity to make cameos in other films.

It appears as if the vulgar duo will be returning. Production on a Jay and Silent Bob reboot has begun and Smith celebrated the occasion by tweeting out a picture. The tweet also seems to confirm the return of Jason Lee’s Brodie Bruce while paying tribute to Stan Lee.

There is no release date for the film.


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