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Poor Taste Wrestling podcast episode 41: Do I have your attention now?

Roman Reigns is in remission, Batista and Kevin Owens are back, and Fighting With My Family is actually good!

It was a week of returns in WWE. Most importantly, Roman Reigns kicked off Raw to announce that after just four months, he Superman Punched leukemia back into remission, and the Big Dog is back! Meanwhile, closing Monday’s show was the shocking return of Batista, who attacked Ric Flair before his birthday celebration and called out Triple H. And over on the blue brand, Kevin Owens was introduced as the new #1 contender for Daniel Bryan’s WWE Championship, leapfrogging Kofi Kingston.

We’re talking all that on this week’s edition of Poor Taste Wrestling, and we also have special guest and AiPT! Movies Editor Nathaniel Muir on to talk about the new movie about Paige’s life, Fighting With My Family, which is miraculously getting great reviews across the board.

Poor Taste Wrestling is hosted by JJ “Job Van Dam” Travers, Mike “The Wolverine” Pursell, and “HCK” Patrick Ross.

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