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Hearthstone: The Fortune Teller teaser presages a team of evil ‘plotters and schemers’ in the next expansion

The Fortune Teller drops hints on the next Hearthstone expansion in this teaser released earlier today.

The Fortune Teller from the Whispers of the Old God Hearthstone expansion is back and with her myriad clues on what to expect when this season’s current meta rotates out and staple cards such as Genn Greymane, Baku the Mooneater, Doomguard are inducted into the Hall of Fame in The Year of the Dragon.

“One night I was called upon to scry,” the Fortune Teller begins. “But what is this symbol I spy?”

A team of plotters and schemers being called in? Does this mean we’ll be seeing Legendary villains from previous expansions making their return to the game in some way, shape or form? Will some sort of Scry keyword be instituted into gameplay? Will there be an assemblage of heroic cards to counterbalance these “plotters and schemers”? Share your predictions in the comments below.


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