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Hearthstone: Leaked teaser image reveals return of familiar Kobolds & Catacombs villain

Let them come, and loot our realm
Let them come, steal boots and helms
Listen to my lamp, you unwashed gaggle!
We’ll take measures
Steal their treasures
And give the best to me — Togwaggle!

Yesterday’s The Fortune Teller teaser presaged the assemblage of a team of “plotters and schemers,” and thanks to a leaked image (which has since been taken down) from Hearthstone LatAm we now know the identity of one of those connivers in question:

Source: u/FroggyHS

That’s right: “the big cheese, the head rat, the be-candled King of the Kobolds” — King Togwaggle himself. Does the return of Togwaggle signify the return of other big-name villains from expansions past? Kel’Thuzad? Nefarian? Rafaam, the Supreme Archaeologist? Dr. Boom? Kazakus? The Lich King himself? What could possibly bring this assemblage of scoundrels together? More information as it becomes available.


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