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EXCLUSIVE Scott Snyder sheds new light on final Batman story, ‘Last Knight on Earth’

Scott Snyder revealed new details about final Batman story ‘Last Knight on Earth’.

For even more on our Scott Snyder Podcast interview see below!

Scott Snyder talked about quite a bit on the Comics Podcast this week, including his very last Batman story currently being drawn by Greg Capullo. The conversation hit a range of topics, including where the story starts, which is very much like the section of the Odyssey with Circe. Batman is getting away from the illusion of his life.

When asked if this really is his last Batman story, Snyder admitted, “I have more Batman in me, I have stories that I want to do, but this is meant as a kind of closure to the whole saga that Greg [Capullo] and I did.  It revisits a lot of what we did, but it’s a story I had in my mind for a long time. I pitched it to Greg back when we were doing Zero Year.”

Promo image of “Last Knight on Earth”.
Credit: DC Comics

Talking freely, Snyder pointed out the story is coming largely due to Grant Morrison. “Grant Morrison is the one that made me do it. He told me when I was really freaking out when I had Bruce Wayne for the first time”, Snyder said, “He was like, listen, what you need to do is give your version of birth and a death and that’s it. Make him yours.”

Snyder and Capullo’s Zero Year came out in June 2013 and carried on all the way to July 2014. “Zero Year is the birth–and I simultanouesly wrote, in my head at least, the death or the end of that story, and this is that.” Snyder went on to say the now being released series The Batman Who Laughs is really a full circle for his first Batman story “Black Mirror” and “it extends a lot of those themes and comes back to the material from that but in a bigger way.” Basically put, Snyder said Last Knight on Earth is closure on everything he and Greg Capullo did with Batman.

The first issue of Last Knight on Earth will hit shelves May 29th via the DC Black Label imprint and will be released bi-monthly. I highly recommend you listen to the full podcast for all the details.


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