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Scott Snyder sounds off on which Marvel and DC superheroes deserve his horror twist

Scott Snyder has Spider-Man, Hulk, and Detective Chimp horror stories in mind.

For even more on our Scott Snyder Podcast interview see below!

On the AiPT! Comics Podcast Scott Snyder talked everything from Justice League to his very last Batman story. It wasn’t all serious business however, as Snyder answered my question about what horror comic he’d like to write using a Marvel or DC hero. The answer might surprise you.

When I asked Scott Snyder if he had free rein to write a horror story using any hero or villain from DC or Marvel who would it be, Snyder without hesitation said Spider-Man. “I know he’s a very bright character, I do, believe me, I love me my Spider-Man, but, Kraven’s Last Hunt was one of the stories that made me…my father used to send me my comics when I was away at sleepaway camp and he bought those and sent those to me week after week.” Snyder said that story was very important to him, and that “I think there’s room for something really spooky.

That’s not all though, as Snyder said he’d love to tackle a horror story using the Hulk. “What Al [Ewing] is doing right now is so good with Immortal Hulk. I have a different idea and I pitched it to Capullo. It’s very different so I think there’s room for both. It’s called Hulk Smash Everything. It’s got that bombast. It’s got everybody from Abomination and everybody in it, it’s horror.”

Outside of Marvel Comics, Snyder said a story he’s been dying to tell with horror underpinnings is a Detective Chimp story in the Dave McKean art style. Snyder said there’s “something very dark and noirish about him returning.” In fact, Snyder went to great lengths to explain his Detective Chimp story and I suggest you check out the AiPT! Comics Podcast to get the full scoop on that!


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