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Scott Snyder talks about the next year of DC Comics stories

Get all the details on Justice League and DC Comics developments in 2019 all the way to 2020!

I had the privilege to chat about DC Comics with Scott Snyder on the AiPT! Comics Podcast and we talked about a wide range of his work. The conversation started with Justice League and how epic the scope is and Snyder said most of what he envisioned for the series was approved. In fact, everything in Justice League was planned prior all the way back when Dark Nights: Metal was blowing fans away. “All of it is one big architecture, but that architecture doesn’t end right now, it didn’t end with Justice League, and it extends through the end of 2019 into the first three or four months of 2020,” Snyder said. It’s not until February or March of 2020 that the story of Perpetua ends, but Snyder said that leaves room to build something even bigger that involves the whole line of DC titles.

Art by Jorge Jimenez from Justice League #19.
Credit: DC Comics

Breaking things down, Snyder outlined how this year is mostly about “Year of the Villain,” the new big DC Comics event. That starts in May with the 25 cent Lex Luthor issue. “This is the part I did with Jim Cheung, Lex Luthor lets it be known that he has a plan to win the entire world over to the side of doom and we don’t know what it is. You’ll see how serious he is in that issue because he does something really dramatic. Then in July, you’ll see what that plan is with the culmination of this arc itself with the sixth dimension ends.” It’s not until November that readers will learn what Luthor’s plan for the “Year of the Villain” was all about. Snyder went on and said “Year of the Villain” “pits every hero against a villain of the creator’s choosing in a way that is going to, I think, give you a big summer fun blowout for your character.”

Snyder wouldn’t say who wins in this big event, but that “engenders a kind of cataclysmic thing that comes out of Justice League in December/January. If that all works and you guys like it come February/March that’s where we do our big finale to all this stuff.”

Art by Jorge Jimenez from Justice League #19.
Credit: DC Comics

It’s quite clear Snyder and DC Comics have huge plans charted out for at least the next year. To get a better picture of that I recommend listening to the entire podcast where Snyder breaks down other things he’s working on and his approach to Justice League itself.

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