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Calamity Kate #1 Review: Monster Slayer

Visaggio has created a bizarre and interesting world and characters that we’ve just skimmed the surface of.

Magdalene Visaggio and Corin Howell
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Monster killers seem to be all the rage nowadays. Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Doomslayer from DOOM, and now a new hero has joined their ranks. A punk, pugnacious and slightly pissed off hero from the mind of Mags Visaggio, Calamity Kate.

Why do the best heroes always dress in black? Dark Horse Comics

Like a lot of Visaggio’s work, this series and the protagonist hits the ground running at a hundred miles per hour. The titular Calamity, as she is known to her unfortunate prey, is a badass monster hunter going places and killing said monsters, and that’s it. In an age of complex plots involving time travel, clones and continuity rewrites, Calamity Kate offers a simple series with a simple pretense, and that is refreshing. So how does it hold up? Pretty well actually.

Kate herself is a well defined protagonist with her own issues, mysteries and like-abilities. The first issue sees her arriving in Los Angeles (running from what must be some pretty bad skeletons in the closet) and crashing at her friend’s house, with various calamities ensuing. Visaggio has created a bizarre and interesting world and characters that we’ve just skimmed the surface of and I hope we explore more of (it seems a bit strange how normalized this world seems to monster attacks). At some points though it’s almost like there’s too much being thrown at the reader for them to fully process.

On a final note, Corin Howell’s artwork melds well with Visaggio’s style. It conveys a sense of punk, humanity and humor that doesn’t feel out of place. It’s a nice touch to an already intriguing series. I look forward to seeing more of this duo in action.

Calamity Kate #1
Is it good?
A killer beginning sets us on a path of adventure through monsters and monster hunters.
Great art
Great characters
An interesting new world
At points, some parts of the world aren't thoroughly explained

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