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A major new hero to Marvel Comics makes their debut in ‘Avengers: No Road Home’ #5

Scarlet Witch better watch out in this realm.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. For more read our review.

It has been hyped for what seems like months and whispered it was coming ever since Dark Horse Comics lost the rights to publish Conan the Barbarian comics. Now, it’s finally here. We already know Conan will be on the Savage Avengers team (we reported on it!), but how he made it into the 616 universe was yet to be revealed. Until today.

Over in Avengers: No Road Home #5, Hercules’ family is dead thanks to Nyx, Goddess of Night. He’s seeking redemption but was tricked by Nyx who has the upper hand on Hercules, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Spectrum and Voyager. In the latest issue (which I highly recommend you read) Scarlet Witch is blind due to Nyx taking her sight away.

She gains the upper hand with misdirection and is able to knock the shards of Nyx’s soul out of her hands. If Nyx gets all three she’ll have the upper hand. In a bit of quick thinking, Voyager uses her teleportation powers to send Scarlet Witch far away.

How far away?

To a place where thieves kill and do worse to travelers on the road. Scarlet Witch is dazed, but thankfully she has a protector scare off the criminals. Who might that be?

Conan the freaking Barbarian! It appears Voyager has sent Scarlet Witch to¬†Cimmeria or at least somewhere near Conan’s home town. How Voyager sent her to another universe (or is it a different dimension?) and why Conan’s realm is beyond me. We’ll have to find out with issue #6!

That is only part of the story. I highly recommend you read the full issue as it’s quite entertaining.


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