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‘Glass’ DVD and Blu-ray release date and extra features revealed

The sequel to Unbreakable and Split hits home formats next month.

Superheroes have been around for years, yet between ultra successful movies and more shows than ever before, they seem to be especially popular these days. It only makes sense that The Sixth Sense director M. Night Shyamalan would offer his own take on it, which he did in 2000 with Unbreakable, a film that followed Bruce Willis as David Dunn, the only survivor of a train crash.

No sequel followed for years, until Split arrived in 2016, starring James McAvoy as Kevin Crumb, a man with over 20 personalities, and revealed a surprising connection to Unbreakable. A sequel to both films and the conclusion of the “Eastrail 177 trilogy” (the train that crashed in Unbreakable) Glass arrived earlier this year, named after Samuel L. Jackson’s Mr. Glass character.

Glass will release digitally on the Movies Anywhere app on the 2nd of April and on the 16th on Blu-ray, DVD, On Demand and 4K Ultra HD. The film focuses not only on David Dunn trying to stop the Beast, but also Mr. Glass’s fascination with him. The home release has a host of bonus features, including “Glass Decoded,” which reveals a few secrets of continuity and style across the trilogy, while “The Collection of Main Characters” delves into the main characters.

There’s also a feature on Dunn’s showdown with the Beast, while “Raven Hill Memorial,” a place central to the film, has the cast and crew describing the hospital as its own character. All these and many more are on Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD and Digital and though DVD may not have these features, it and other home formats have a number of other features, including an alternate openingwhich has an introduction by the director.

It also features “A Conversation with James McAvoy and M. Night Shyamalan” on the importance of originality when making a film in this genre. Finally, there’s a multitude of deleted scenes, like “David Encounters Pierce,” “Dr Staple Explains Machine,” “Pierce Checks Elijah’s Room” and many more.

Be sure to check Glass out digitally on the April 2nd and all other formats on the 16th.


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