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WonderCon 2019: DC Unveils new Detective Comics logo with Detective Comics #1001

Geg Capullo and DC Comics unveil their new Detective Comics logo.

Following the landmark Detective Comics #1000, DC Comics is giving Detective Comics a new look with a brand new logo designed by legendary Batman artist Greg Capullo with Detective Comics #1001. Check it out from our Twitter post below.

“I always liked the logos that incorporated the Batman logo into the design, so I wanted to bring that back,” Capullo said to a packed WonderCon exhibition hall. Capullo went on to talk about how the 1960’s Batman television series ultimately sparked his love for the Dark Knight, though he takes a lot of inspiration from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns aesthetic.

Releasing April 10 from writer Peter J. Tomasi and artists Andre Hennessy and Bradley Walker, Detective Comics #1001 will build the bombastic introduction of the Arkham Knight into the DC Universe from Detective Comics #1000.


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