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Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows: Lucentbark, new Druid Legendary minion revealed

Healing Druid could be on the menu for Rise of Shadows with newest Druid Legendary minion, Lucentbark.

Sherazin, Corpse Flower amalgamated with a Druid Ancient is the theme of the latest Druid legendary, Lucentbark, whose card features some absolutely fantastic artwork. According to the Newsweek reveal, “Lucentbark is an entirely new character created for Hearthstone. ‘He may look grumpy, but the small woodland creatures that inhabit his forest (and even his own branches at times) always bring a smile to his face. He is quite friendly toward Dalaran, and so immediately came to its aid, to drive out the invaders.'”

  • Lucentbark
  • Class: Druid
  • Card type: Minion
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Mana cost: 8
  • Attack: 4 HP: 8
  • Card text: Taunt. Deathrattle: Go dormant. Restore 5 Health to awaken this minion.
  • Source: Newsweek (Gameplay video embedded)

“We asked ourselves how Druids would help Dalaran,” Hearthstone designer Chad Nervigg told Newsweek. “The answer we came to is that Crystalsong Forest (which Dalaran spent much of its time floating over) is a beautiful and unique blend of nature and magic, and so Druids would pull from there to aid Dalaran.” That’s when the idea for Lucentbark, an Ancient who’s grown in Crystalsong Forest, started to take shape.

Does Lucentbark portend a Healing Druid archetype in Rose of Shadows?

“Healing is a core theme of Druids in World of Warcraft, and we had always intended for it to be something that Druids in Hearthstone could do, but it never really saw much play,” Nervigg said. “Currently, Druid only has access to two healing cards: Ancient of Lore and Healing Touch, both of which aren’t really used in competitive play. Nervigg said more cards “that synergize with healing” in both Druid and Neutral will be added in the Rise of Shadows expansion, like Crystal Power and Crystal Stag (and there will be more to come.)


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