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Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows: The Boom Reaver, new Warrior Legendary minion revealed

Dr. Boom’s latest invention serves as a new Legendary Warrior minion in Rise of Shadows.

We know Dr. Boom’s making his return as Blastmaster Boom in Hearthstone‘s upcoming Rise of Shadows expansion — along with a fairly underwhelming Scheme card — but perhaps The Boom Reaver, the latest Warrior Legendary minion and ostensibly a Fel Reaver designed solely by Dr. Boom himself, can be the compensation.

  • The Boom Reaver
  • Class: Warrior
  • Card type: Minion
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Mana cost: 10
  • Attack: 7 Health: 9
  • Card text: Battlecry: Summon a copy of a minion in your deck and give it Rush.

The Boom Reaver is tough to evaluate at this point pre-Rise of Shadows-meta, but if the right card gets pulled by its Battlecry, it could be potentially gamechanging/ending. (Although whether it’s worth its 10-mana-cost is still up in the air.) Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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