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First Look: ‘DCeased’ preview pages and every cover released. . . so far

Consume every image released about DCeased from DC Comics.

DCeased is the next big project from DC Comics everyone is talking about. Helmed by Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, James Harren, Stefano Gaudino, and Rain Beredo this is a horror event not to be missed.

What we know so far:

This new post-apocalyptic zombie-filled wasteland kicks off with Darkseid unleashing a virus that infects anyone looking at a screen. Once touched by the blight, these poor souls are transformed into violent zombies. You can check out the first look at this upcoming series here, and feel free to share immediately!

DCeased will drop in comic shops on May 01, 2019.

Check out all the covers to issue #1 below:

And read the first 5 pages now!

All the covers to issue #2:

All the covers to issue #3:



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