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Jonathan Hickman reveals his favorite mutants ahead of ‘House of X’ and ‘Power of X’

New X-Men writer Jonathan Hickman gives fans new info in regards to his upcoming Marvel Comics miniseries.

If our weekly X-Men Monday feature isn’t proof enough judging by all the excitement via our Twitter you probably don’t know Jonathan Hickman is returning to Marvel Comics. Oh wait, did you miss all the full-page ads leading up to the big news of his two new six-part X-Men series coming this summer?

Everyone and their dog wants new info about the series and while Marvel did give us a taste of what is to come tomorrow via solicit and cover reveals Jonathan Hickman isn’t taking interviews at this time. He said so on his Twitter account:

He did give readers a taste of what is to come, possibly, via his top 5 mutants. As he pointed out in a reply to the above Tweet:

Magneto as number one isn’t a surprise, but Mister Sinister. Isn’t he not a mutant? Hickman had a rebuttle:

Start your imaginations running now X-Men fans we might have our first big tip-off of a major character appearing in Hickman’s run on X-Men.


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