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Learn how (and what) the Batman Who Laughs sees in ‘The Batman Who Laughs’ #4

Learn new details about the iconic Batman Who Laughs character in the latest issue.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

The Batman Who Laughs has been an epic ride with multiple Bruce Waynes getting murdered by the Batman Who Laughs in what appears to be an alternate timeline. In the latest chapter, things get a lot more intense for the Batman of the story due to his using the iconic metal visor the Batman Who Laughs wears. Given its metal with no eye-holes design one has to assume it has special abilities. In The Batman Who Laughs #4, out today, we get a clearer picture of what its abilities are and how you see through it. (Scott Snyder let us know this would happen a while back during our interview with him at NYCC ’18.)

At the start of the issue, Alfred pulls the visor off Bruce Wayne who has gone a bit, pardon me, batty. Then he explains:

Later on in the issue Batman is driving the Batmobile and wearing the visor at the same time (probably not a safe idea Bruce). What he sees is fascinating:

It appears the good in Bruce Wayne is still here and it sees the good in others…until…

Well, that went bad fast! Even the baby is flinging itself out of its carriage.

Later still Batman uses the visor to see the portals Batman Who Laughs can see. Again, it’s a vision of light and weirdness:

Rest assured it appears Bruce is addicted to wearing the visor and might already be lost.

I recommend reading the whole issue, this is just a sliver of the story, which you can purchase here.


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