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Star Wars: Age Of Rebellion – Princess Leia #1 Review

A great story that would have been an amazing post-credits sequence to end Empire Strikes Back.

Since Disney bought Star Wars and Marvel took over publishing the latest comics Princess Leia has had her fair share of solo adventures. Back in high demand, Leia Organa is going on a “Princess Scoundrel” mission thanks to writer Greg Pak. A rebel princess this story reveals how in times of crisis maybe we’ve all got to be scoundrels.

So what’s it about?

Read the preview.

Why does this matter?

Set after Han was turned into carbonite this story fleshes out what Leia was up to before she broke him out from Jabba’s palace. It also helps bring other characters into the fold while developing Leia’s new approach since her princess days.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Cool ship. Is it yours?
Credit: Marvel Comics

I was a bit shocked at how much the Star Wars story group allowed Pak to come up with for an in canon story. Not only does it deliver on a mission Leia goes on right before heading to Jabba’s palace, but it integrates a key character very well. I won’t spoil it since it’s a shock to the system, but it answers a question I think many had in regards to how the characters got together before Return of the Jedi.

The mission itself shows how far Leia has come since being a princess on Alderaan. When we first met her she certainly wasn’t frumpy, but this story shows how, as the title suggest, even Leia can be a scoundrel when she needs to be. She’s working in a different world where there is no law, bounty hunters abounding, and doing the wrong thing for the right reasons is usually the best you can do.

The art is split between Chris Sprouse and Karl Story (13 pages), Will Sliney, Marc Deering and Karl Story (7 pages) and overall their styles work well. It’s a realistic depiction as we’ve come to expect from adaptations like this. Alien worlds, bar scenes, and of course the Millennium Falcon are all featured throughout. Leia looks good and not in a creepy photorealistic way. Other characters look the part too and there’s a nice iconic full-page splash to end the book and get you hyped to rewatch Return of the Jedi.

That’s cute.
Credit: Marvel Comics

It can’t be perfect, can it?

Sometimes the art looks unfinished or at the very least too simple. That is made more obvious from the first 12 pages which look sharp and strong.

Is it good?

A great story that would have been an amazing post-credits sequence to end Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars: Age Of Rebellion – Princess Leia #1
Is it good?
A great story that would have been an amazing post-credits sequence to end Empire Strikes Back.
A fun story that bridges a gap and reveals how much of a scoundrel Leia can be
Overall many artists pull this together
Some of the art looks simple in comparison to other pages and can look unfinished

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