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Tony Stark: Iron Man #10 unveils a new armor and it’s a familiar one

Is this a nod to a 1980s comic or something more?

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

Dan Slott, with the aid of Jim Zub, has done an admirable job wrapping up the eScape storyline in issue #10, but did you catch the new Iron Man armor? Drawn by Valerio Schiti the costume is quite complex and interesting to look at. Also, note the gears . . .

It’s fitting to see a new armor since the series has unveiled a few so far. The crazy thing is however that armor looks strikingly familiar if you’ve been reading Iron Man. More specifically if you’ve been reading Iron Man since 1984 when Iron Man 2020 came out. Created by Tom DeFalco and Herb Trimpe the Iron Man suit looked like this:

Okay, so the biggest similarity is the gear shoulders, but still, it makes you wonder if Dan Slott is either giving a nod to this older design or if he’s plotting something for the upcoming 2020 year.

Here’s another look at the armor:

It’s a pretty rad armor albeit filled with a lot of design choices.

I highly recommend you read Tony Stark: Iron Man #10 today to get the full picture of what you see above.


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