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CM Punk just returned to wrestling and nobody noticed

The GTS dissected ’round the world.

CM Punk just made his return to the squared circle, delivering a GTS out of nowhere to change the outcome of a match, and nobody realized it.

This weekend, MKE Wrestling held an event at the local Knights of Columbus. It seemed like a normal event, until a man wearing a mask, covered from head to toe, stormed the ring and hit a familiar maneuver.

But wait a minute. That could be anybody. Enhance…

That’s a Violent Gentlemen hoodie, a brand CM Punk reps quite regularly, and even earlier that day according to an Instagram post.

Punk also “liked” a bunch of tweets about the show on Twitter. Kind of odd, as a small indie show in Milwaukee likely wouldn’t normally be on his radar.

Silas Young, who was involved in putting the show together, confirmed that it was in fact CM Punk on Twitter.

This is easily the most “CM Punk” way to return to the ring imaginable. In a world where the WWE Universe still chants his name nearly every week to show dissatisfaction with what’s going on in the ring, or at the mere mention of the moniker of “Best in the World,” CM Punk returns…unannounced…wearing a mask…at a small indie show in Wisconsin.

Punk has made mention before that if he ever returned to wrestling it would be in a mask to mess around with his friends, so I guess years later, he’s made good on that promise.

Next stop: Double or NothingMoney in the Bank? Hey, a guy can dream, right?


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