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New WWE PPV confirmed, replacing Backlash in June

Saudi Arabi caused the event to be moved, now its been renamed.

Recently Backlash, WWE’s June PPV event, was quietly removed from the upcoming live-events schedule. Rumor and speculation indicated that the company made the call to shelve Backlash due to its close proximity to the upcoming Saudi Arabi show.

Now thanks to The Tacoma Dome, we’ve learned that Backlash has been replaced, and renamed — now to be known as Stomping Grounds, the newest June PPV to come to WWE.

The original page on the Tacoma Dome website for the event is now resulting in a 404 not found error, but the homepage still has a Stomping Grounds pop-up. Clearly there was some miscommunication between WWE and the venue, or the Tacoma Dome’s staff simply made a mistake with the release of the information.

Backlash was created in 1999, and while it hasn’t run every year since then, it’s run as a WWE PPV 14 times across the RAW, Smackdown, and ECW brands.

Fans who were planning on boycotting the Saudi Arabi show now have a PPV they can enjoy that month. Which is more than likely why WWE changed the PPV’s name to Stomping Grounds, Backlash is a little too appropriate for what the company is sure to face come the Saudi Arabi show.


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