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Sonic the Hedgehog’s movie appearance will change following fan backlash

Gotta fix fast.

Sonic the Hedgehog’s design in the upcoming movie of the same name will change, following backlash and criticism from fans.

Sonic‘s trailer was released earlier this week to bewilderment and vitriol, largely because of Sonic’s appearance: He looked nothing like he does in any video game he’s starred in, and he just looked downright weird. In contrast to the extremely faithful look of its fellow 2019 video game movie, Detective Pikachu, the new look was jarring to say the least.

It appears as if the movie’s creators took notice. Director Jeff Fowler took to Twitter this afternoon to say that change are “going to happen.”

“You aren’t happy with the design & you want changes,” he wrote. “It’s going to happen.”

Sonic the Hedgehog is still scheduled to hit theaters in November, so much like the titular hedgehog, the design team’s gotta go fast.


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