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Bronze Age Boogie #2 Review

Bronze Age Boogie #2 is a blast!

As AiPT! reviewer Alex McDonald put it, Bronze Age Boogie #1 satisfies all your weird comic needs. It has a fantasy story, aliens, and even kung-fu fighters. I think it’s safe to say issue #2 captures his take and then some. This series has a clever premise and this issue brings an interesting back story and plenty of action.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

AHOY’s 1970s genre mashup slams into high gear! Teenage barbarian Brita finds herself transported to 1975 A.D., right in the middle of a second Martian invasion. Can her new friends–Lynda Darrk and martial arts master Jackson Li–save two Bronze Ages? Back feature: the frightening evolution of Major Ursa, the first bear in space! Plus the usual illustrated text features!

Why does this matter?

This is the latest offering from AHOY Comics which has shown no signs of slowing down. Having read comics my whole life it’s clear this publisher takes chances that payoff in a big way.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Love ALL creatures.
Credit: AHOY Comics

This issue shows an impressive knack for the smash cut. It’s a feature we see in movies, but it can work incredibly well in comics too. End a page with an interesting caption or moment then turn the page to reveal something that’ll knock your socks off. I’ve seen it done to great effect in the manga PTSD Radio with jump scares and here it works quite well to energize the reader and drop some knowledge on your buttocks. There are two big ones, one that leads right into prose to fill us in on what the Martians were up to in the 1975 timeline and another at the very end that ends the book on an impressive cliffhanger. Writer Stuart Moore is playing around with the comic book format in intriguing ways and I hope other publishers are taking notes.

It’s invigorating to read this book and get a different kind of comic story. Even the captions feel alive and in your face, helping to flesh out the characters and draw you in. Most of the issue is a fight scene between the three main characters and a robotic Martian, but it still infuses the pages with fun character beats.

The art by Alberto Ponticelli with color by Giulia Brusco has a lot of fun with double page layouts. There’s a wicked one that overlays one of the heroes getting knocked practically into the frame next to it that is incredibly dynamic. Colors suit the scenes with a burnt orange helping raise the excitement of a fight scene with wild rainbow effects closing out the trippy ending. The heavy prose page I mentioned above has a great image of all the heroes sharing in a story as Martians blow up New York grounding them at the bottom of the page.

Sorry for, crashing the party.
Credit: AHOY Comics

This issue also has a fun backup story about a super smart bear written by Tyrone Finch with art by Mauricet. It’s sweet, tragic, and well drawn!

It can’t be perfect, can it?

You will not forget it’s 1975 thanks to the overt references. A character name drops “Jerry Ford” aka Gerald Ford, the president at the time, and there are other references to be had. It feels like it’s trying too hard to remind us when this story takes place.

Is it good?

I had a blast with Bronze Age Boogie #2. As a seasoned comic lover, I can say with certainty AHOY Comics is doing new things with the medium. It’s never boring, it’s exciting, and I can’t get enough.

Bronze Age Boogie #2
Is it good?
I had a blast with Bronze Age Boogie #2. As a seasoned comic lover, I can say with certainty AHOY Comics is doing new things with the medium. It’s never boring, it’s exciting, and I can’t get enough.
Very good smash cuts
Interesting ideas infused into the comic narrative like a good use of prose
Good art maximizing the double page layout
The references to the 70s are overt and kind of obnoxious

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