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Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Boba Fett #1 Review

Enjoy an adventure with one of the most ruthless bounty hunters in the galaxy.

The fun thing about one-shot series like Age of Rebellion is seeing the lineup of heroes focused on. Han Solo, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Leia have all had their adventures. This week Boba Fett takes center stage and there are many bounties to be had. Greg Pak continues his great take on Star Wars characters with this latest done in one tale.

So what’s it about?

Read the preview.

Why does this matter?

This issue is aptly titled “Hunter’s Heart,” which should put into perspective how much of a hero Boba Fett is and what he stands for. He’s out for bounties and making coin and couldn’t care less whether or not the bounty deserves it. Get ready for some cold-blooded action.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Run and hide!
Credit: Marvel Comics

This issue has a good plot, opening with Boba Fett riding a mechanical horse and rushing right at us. This leads him through the camp of a scoundrel, but he has no desire to stop since he’s rushing his bounty back for payment. As the story moves forward we learn a bit more about the duo Boba Fett ran through, but more importantly learn how much of a workaholic Boba Fett is. By the end of the story, it’s clear he lives for the hunt and cares not for anything else. He’s strong but silent. You get the sense he doesn’t tire. Greg Pak nails the character down as if he’s a force of nature.

Marc Laming draws the issue with colors by Neeraj Menon and letters by Travis Lanham. From the mechanical horse to the scoundrel alien Boba Fett hunts down the character design is great. It puts you right into this world of fantasy and sci-fi both. The suit Boba Fett wears is battered and beaten as if he’s been through a thousand fights. There’s a lot of detailing in this look and Laming captures all the great details. Colors maintain the grungy and dirty feel of Star Wars well and get all the little details of Boba Fett’s costume right too. The final full-page splash will leave you excited for more stories like this one.

Fett only cares for the hunt.
Credit: Marvel Comics

It can’t be perfect, can it?

It’s by design, but Boba Fett doesn’t say much. It’s cool that he’s depicted as a force of nature, but it certainly leaves you wanting more. Maybe the plan is to never really reveal much about him; his mystery makes him more interesting, but a little something about the character would have been nice. This story also doesn’t cross paths with any familiar faces or locations.

Is it good?

I liked this issue and had a blast seeing Boba Fett kicked ass. It’s a simple sort of tale, but it hammers home the force of nature that is Boba Fett quite nicely.

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Boba Fett #1
Is it good?
I liked this issue and had a blast seeing Boba Fett kicked ass. It’s a simple sort of tale, but it hammers home the force of nature that is Boba Fett quite nicely.
Captures the never tiring nature of Boba Fett and his love of the hunt
Great art with fabulous color
Boba Fett is kind of a blank slate
Doesn't connect to the larger galaxy

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