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Did another X-Man just die in Uncanny X-Men #18?

Another death and this time it’s Cyclops’s fault.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

Now that Cyclops is back we get to see his leadership skills in full force. In a previous issue it was made clear his team doesn’t play by the rules as they cut off a major mutant’s head. Yikes. This week, another mutant dies but this time it’s not Cyclops’s team who does it. It is, however, kind of his fault.

Midway through the story the X-Men take on the Mauraders and blows are dealt. At one point Chamber does his darndest to protect his teammates and does a little murdering of his own.

Cyclops isn’t too pleased for obvious reasons, which means their flank is left unguarded and…

That’s going to leave a mark! Considering they are superheroes it makes sense Cyclops isn’t that concerned, or at least he doesn’t look very concerned.

This leads to another scuffle which prevents them from getting Chamber back home.

Apparently, Chamber’s powers were keeping him alive, but with no powers, there’s no way for him to hang on. Chamber is dead.

The story carries on from there and I highly recommend you read the whole thing to get the full picture.

So what do you think, is it shocking Matthew Rosenberg has killed off another major mutant? Sound off in the comments.


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