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Get a look at Batman’s “final bat-suit” from Justice League #24

Batman’s newest costume is a brand new look for the character.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned. For more read our review.

Justice League by Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez has been nothing less than super fun. Crazy ideas, great one-liners, and new costumes abound. That includes Batman who gets a “final” bat-suit in today’s Justice League #24.

Jimenez has introduced new looks for the 6th Dimension Justice League, including this excellent white and gold Superman costume:

This week it’s Batman’s turn as he’s getting his own new look and it’s surprisingly similar to Superman’s! Midway through issue #24 Batman is going along with World Forger’s plan, or at least we think so. They’ve gotten so buddy-buddy World Forger even shows Batman a special throne another dimension’s Batman created.

Apparently, Batman turned this chair into a bat-suit. Later we find out it was destroyed. . .

But our Batman was able to fix it and boy is it a beauty:

Notice it uses the white and gold of Superman’s 6th Dimension suit although Batman’s is more of a mech suit, seemingly 3 stories tall. Based on what Batman says here I think the Justice League are going to need to prepare for a battle.

That’s only a sliver of this story though and I highly recommend you read the whole thing today.


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