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Gargoyle Winston legendary skin revealed for Overwatch Anniversary 2019

Arguably cooler than the 90’s cartoon show.

Blizzard has unveiled the second new skin for tomorrow’s third annual Overwatch Anniversary event — Gargoyle Winston.

The newest legendary skin for our favorite primate hero was revealed on the Overwatch Twitter account. “WinSTONE checking in.” said Blizzard. “Protect the payload as Gargoyle Winston!”

Gargoyle Winston follows Academy D.Va as Overwatch’s newest skin for tomorrow’s Anniversary event. There will be a total of six new Legendary skins, three new Epic skins, and new dance emotes for Ashe, Baptiste, and Hammond.

Winston’s newest skin is a gross between gothic architecture and nightmarish creatures made from fire and brimstone. Horns adorn Winston’s head, his eyes are read, he sports white bone wings, rocking stone covers his body, and over it are what appear to be glass windows that you’d see in church. Quite simply, the skin is bad ass.

Being a 90’s kid, I can’t help but be taken back to the iconic cartoon show from those days “Gargoyles,” which I watched obsessively.  Which may make me a little bias, but come on, this skin is amazing.

Overwatch begins tomorrow May 21, and lasts until June 10.


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