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Jon Moxley says debuting in AEW “totally trumps” winning the WWE Championship

Winning the WWE Championship was ‘pretty cool,’ but it’s all about AEW now.

Jon Moxley, née WWE’s Dean Ambrose, has been on something of a media tour since creating the biggest moment in recent wrestling history by debuting in AEW at the promotion’s first show, Double or Nothing less than a month after wrapping up his time with WWE. He aired his grievances on Chris Jericho’s podcast in a fashion reminiscent of CM Punk’s infamous appearance on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling. Since then, he’s also given other interviews.

When interviewed by Las Vegas radio show Flip the Strip, Moxley said that while winning the WWE Championship was “pretty cool,” debuting in AEW was “the highlight of [his] career.”

Moxley, as Dean Ambrose, is a Grand Slam Champion in WWE, capturing the WWE Championship, United States Championship, Intercontinental Championship, and Raw Tag Team Championship during his tenure with the company. Winning the WWE Championship is generally regarded as the pinnacle of sports entertainment — the most important accomplishment in a wrestler’s career. But Moxley says last Saturday topped the moment he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on longtime frenemy Seth Rollins to capture the title in 2016.

“Across the street from MGM Grand a few years ago at T-Mobile [Arena] I won the WWE title. The title that I wanted to win as a kid ever since I saw Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels Iron Man match over that title … I went and did that. That was pretty cool,” Moxley said, before adding, “This totally trumps that.”

The rest of the interview is worth a listen, as Moxley touches on what it feels like to “stand on [his] own two feet with no WWE involvement whatsoever,” Steve Austin calling him after his debut, and more.


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