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Overwatch June 3 patch fixes major Torbjorn bug

Ashe also receives a much needed bug fix.

Blizzard released a patch for Overwatch Monday aimed at fixing a number of bugs, the most damaging of which allows Torbjorn’s turret to shoot through walls. The bug has been in the game for several weeks now, and players have been voicing complaints about it on Twitter and the official Overwatch forums. One YouTuber captured an example of the exploit, which you can watch below.

As you can see, the bug makes it impossible for attacking players to destroy the turret when walking through the choke point on Volskaya, but the turret can freely target and kill players, despite it lacking proper line-of-sight. To call this bug frustrating would be a massive understatement, and this isn’t the only map it was present on. Players are sure to be relieved to see this bug removed.

The patch went live today on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Full notes available below.



  • Fixed an issue with Deathmatch games that caused matches to be canceled when there were fewer than 7 players remaining.  Deathmatch games will now be canceled when there are fewer than 4 players remaining.
  • Quickplay leaver penalty now working as intended for Deathmatch modes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused voice lines to stop playing in the Hero Gallery after playing 128 of them.


  • Added remaining Japanese translations for Anniversary unlocks and Workshop content.


  • D.Va
    • Changed the decal on the Academy D.Va skin from “Judge” to “Guardian” (In Korean).
  • Torbjorn
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Torbjorn’s turret to shoot through walls in certain locations.
  • Ashe
    • Fixed a bug where Ashe wasn’t gaining ultimate charge while B.O.B. existed.
  • Brigitte
    • Changed Brigitte’s “Take a hike” Anniversary voice line to “Get out of here”.
  • Roadhog
    • Changed Roadhog’s “You’re a talker. I don’t like talkers.” Anniversary voice line to “I’m beached as, bro.”


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