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X-Men: The Animated Series creators are trying to bring the show back

The legendary series hopes to rise for the ashes of the ’90s.

Ask any ’90s kid what their favorite shows were growing up, and X-Men: The Animated Series is going to be on nearly everyone’s list. So, you can imagine the excitement felt round the internet when it was reported by THR that arguably the greatest superhero cartoon of all-time may be making a return.

According to the report out of THR, the series creative team is planning to approach Disney, who now holds the rights to the series’ characters, about continuing the series with a new season.

“The one thing we’d like to do more than anything else is to continue where we left off,” said longtime series artist, producer, and director Larry Houston.

X-Men: The Animated Series ran for five seasons with 76 episodes from October 31, 1992 to September 20, 1997. The show was acclaimed for both its storytelling and commercial success, having helped launch a new generation of comic book fans. Throughout its run it adapted a number of famous story lines from the X-Men comic books, most famous being the Dark Phoenix saga.

The opening sequence to the series is one of the most iconic and epic of any cartoon. I’ve taken the liberty of linking it below, drink in that sweet, sweet nostalgia.

This year will see Disney will launch their new streaming service Disney+, on November 12. This could be the perfect new home for a revived X-Men series. We’ll just have to cross our fingers and hope the series’ creators do a good job with their pitch.


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