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E3 2019

A Final Fantasy VIII remaster is finally coming

Return to Balamb Garden some time in 2019.

Square Enix showed off many intriguing games at this year’s E3 conference, from ‌Oninaki to Marvel’s Avengers. But for longtime fans of the most forgotten game in the Final Fantasy series, the announcement of a Final Fantasy VIII remaster was the night’s biggest moment.

Final Fantasy VIII centers around a group of teenagers in an elite military force named SeeD, led by the moody Squall Leonhart. The game came hot off the heels of Final Fantasy VII, and while it borrowed from its predecessor, it also introduced some unique systems and ideas, both in the storyline and the gameplay. Its departure from Final Fantasy norms makes it one of the most divisive of the series.

FF8‘s PlayStation contemporaries, FF7 and FF9, received remasters earlier this year, but an announcement for 8 was conspicuously absent. While Square hasn’t officially said why the game was omitted and not even mentioned, rumors suggest crucial parts of the game’s original code was lost long ago.

Final Fantasy VIII will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam some time in 2019. Watch the trailer above.


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