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First Look: House of X and Powers of X #4 and #5 covers and art revealed

Major villains like Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse may be showing up in these new series.

For more, read our X-Men Monday Jonathan Hickman HOX and POX interview.

Marvel Entertainment revealed today a plethora of new series coming out this September, but X-fans will most interested in seeing the new covers to House of X and Powers of X, which give us a hint at what Jonathan Hickman is cooking up. First up: the House of X #4 and #5 covers, which you can see below.

A bloodbath is underway in issue #4, featuring the classic Marvel Girl costume. Meanwhile, in #5, it appears Apocalypse is rising from a swamp. He doesn’t look happy.

Next up is Powers of X #4 and #5, which you can see below. Mr. Sinister may be playing a key role in the fifth issue and it appears he’s growing some humanoid figures from some weird looking eggs. Then, in #4’s cover, we can see what looks like Xavier calling a plethora of X-Men.

Clearly, Jonathan Hickman is not skipping a beat when it comes to the X-Men’s greatest villains.

Finally, The Pull List revealed what looks like either a full-page splash or a variant cover. Eagle-eyed readers will note the text appears to be an epitaph for Charles Xavier. The art is by Dale Keown.


What do you think, do these cover and art reveals get you even more hyped for HOX and POX? Let us know in the comments.


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