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Major X’s mother is revealed in ‘Major X’ #5

Rob Liefeld’s series continues to surprise.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

Rob Liefeld’s creation of Major X was a surprise to many, especially after finding out the new series is set during the 1990s. So far the series has provided us with Wolverine, Beast, and even Deadpool fight sequences sure to excite nostalgic fans of Liefeld’s style of comic book writing. It hasn’t been without big twists, either: at the end of the very first issue, we found out Major X is the son of Cable. Given Cable’s proclivity to jump through time, that could mean his mother is…well, anyone.

Major X #5 answers that question in its final cliffhanger.

Right before we find out, we learn the baddies are planning to kill Major X’s parents before he can even be born. His mom couldn’t be in the very room this creepy white-eyed mutant is talking is in, could she?

Cue the dramatic music! I know what you’re thinking, “Wait, Cable and Storm got it on?!” Apparently so, or at least some version of the characters in the timestream. Now it’s up to Major X and the X-Men to protect Storm and Cable at all costs. Given the cover to issue #6, it looks like some time jumping is in order:

You can read Major X #5 today!


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