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The Phantasm awaits in Tom King’s Batman/Catwoman series

The infamous Phantasm makes its first appearance in the DC Universe courtesy of Tom King.

1993’s Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is oft-regarded as the best Batman film of all time, animated or not, with much of its veneration stemming from titular villain The Phantasm. The villain’s bone-chilling aesthetic, ominous voice and dangerous skillset made the character an indelible aspect of the movie. Notwithstanding, the Phantasm, for better or worse, is a character that hasn’t been utilized outside of the animated Batman universe — something that’s about to change in Tom King’s recently announced Batman/Catwoman series.

“Your Angel of Death awaits, Bat and Cat.” Will writer Tom King hold the Phantasm character to the high standard that was set in Mask of the Phantasm? Will it be the same character behind the metal-skull mask and artificial fog? We’ll find out in January 2020.

Check out this clip of the Phantasm in action from Batman: Mask of the Phantasm:


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