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EXCLUSIVE Comixology Preview: Elephantmen 2261 Season Two #2


Following hot on the heels of ELEPHANTMEN 2261: THE DEATH OF SHORTY and the ELEPHANTMEN HOLIDAY SPECIAL, ComiXology have invited the ELEPHANTMEN team back to launch season 2: THE PENTALION JOB by creator/writer Richard Starkings, artist Axel Medellin and cover artist Boo Cook!

Weapons of the war between Africa and China’s transgenics have surfaced and are being transported from the East Coast to the West Coast by Transamerican. HEIST!

Elephantmen 2261 Season Two #2 (of 4): The Pentalion Job (comiXology Originals)
Written by
Richard Starkings
Art by Axel Medellin
Colored by Axel Medellin
Cover by Boo Cook
Lettered by Richard Starkings
Release Date June 19, 2019


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