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Overwatch League unveils new legendary skin for league MVP JJoNak

JJoNak becomes the first player to ever receive their own custom skin.

For the first time in its history the Overwatch League has created a custom skin for one of its players. New York Excelsior flex support and 2018 inaugural season MVP, Bang “JJoNak” Sung-hyeon has received his very own legendary Overwatch skin for his signature hero Zenyatta, and man is it cool.

Blizzard put together a four and a half minute video to help announce the special occasion, check it out below.

The new skin has replaced Zenyatta’s omnic head with that of an pink octopus in a water filled translucent helmet, and in place of his standard metal orbs, he’s surrounded by a ring of small pink octopuses. There are blue tubes filled with water that intertwine with the metal components in the neck, arms, and torso. There’s a very distinct sci-fi feel to the skin, and the blue and red New York Excelsior color scheme is compromised in a manner that strongly reinforces the feeling that you’re seeing something from an alien planet or distant future.

For the players who enjoy competitive play, good news, the ring of tiny pink octopuses do in indeed come in gold if you use your competitive points to make a purchase for Zenyatta’s golden weapon.

If you’re wondering why an octopus, it’s because JJoNak has a well known affinity for the sea creature. His original in-game name stands for the Korean phrase “jjomullak nakji,” which translates to “fumbling octopus,” thus the skin name Zen-Nakji. The all-star Zenyatta player also has a tattoo on his arm of an octopus wearing a monocle and a top hat, grasping Zenyatta orbs in its tentacles.

The Zen-Nakji MVP legendary skin will be available for purchase beginning June 27, and is only available for a limited time. Players can only unlock the skin using Overwatch League tokens, which can be earned through watching Overwatch League games.


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